Frequently Asked Questions

ASK ME ANYTHING, BUT read this first!


How many images will I get?

I deliver at least 500 pictures for weddings and at least 65 for one hour couples/portrait sessions. The amount of pictures depends on the length of the day and what happens throughout our time together. The numbers provided are minimums, but I will send you all images that I know you will love!

Can I have the RAW files?

Raw/unedited photos will not be delivered to you. Part of the reason you are hiring me is also for my editing style. It is a huge part of the photography process! Trust me, I will give you all the pictures you could ever want!


It does cost to have me travel but please know I want the best for you so please know I won’t go crazy! Depending on where you are getting married will determine final travel costs, if any!

How does payment work?

A 35% non-refundable retainer is due upon reserving your wedding date. A second payment is due midway and the final payment is due one month prior to your wedding date. For portraits a 35% non-refundable retainer is due upon reserving your wedding date and the rest is due two weeks prior to your session date.


Do you have a cancellation policy?

Your non-refundable retainer is non-refundable. I completely understand that things happen and I am willing to work with you to reschedule in case of an emergency. I cannot guarantee I will be available on your desired reschedule date, but will commit to making it happen on my end!

What should we wear to our session?

I encourage all of my clients to wear what feels and looks like themselves. We have a lot of fun in our sessions so my biggest tip would be to wear anything that makes you feel comfortable and confident! I will provide some inspiration and tips! I also have a Pinterest board for inspiration!

Will you help us pose in front of the camera?

My hope in all of my sessions is to allow you the space to feel comfortable to show the real you. I crave the unposed moments that look natural and reflect your story. We will laugh together and I’ll guide you through the entire session. Don’t come into the shoot worried if you will look good in front of the camera, I’ve got you covered.


Do you Photoshop images?

My goal through our photography experience is to capture the real you. I will not photoshop any images to make you look different what is seen behind the camera. The only time I will use photoshop is to remove any distractions in the background that may take away from the photo.

What happens if you can’t make it to our wedding?

This would be the worst thing that could possibly happen. The only reason I would not be there would be something that was an emergency outside of my control. Thankfully, I am connected to a network of photographers across the country and find you someone I fully trust.

What about a rain plan?

I am always willing to reschedule couples or portrait sessions due to bad weather. On your wedding day, I promise to find a solution that will help your pictures turn out beautifully. You have enough to worry about on your wedding day, let me take care of the pictures.

Who is your second photographer

I have a trusted community of photographers I reach out to for backup. While I do not have the same second photographer with me at each wedding I have a group I like to work with and I only choose those who I trust for your big day!