Backyard Wedding in Breckenridge, Colorado


THIS DAY WAS EVERYTHING! Can’t believe I am blogging this right now….It feels like forever ago that Lizzie inquired about her Colorado wedding. Honestly, when she first reached out to me Fall of 2018 I was shocked! I had not shot a wedding outside the southeast yet so I immediately started freaking out and have been dreaming of this backyard Colorado wedding ever since.

And let me tell you, Colorado definitely did not disappoint! The mountain views, scenic drives, and cooler air had me drooling! Lizzie and Drew’s wedding was in Breckenridge, Colorado at Drew’s parent’s home. It was the perfect setting for their special day, even with the rain we had to battle all day long.

You may not notice this in the gallery but their ceremony was actually take two for the day! When the ceremony first began, rain started pouring as the wedding party made their way down the aisle. Guests fled to the reception tent as the rain only continued to get heavier. Lizzie & Drew were not phased one bit by this though! No matter what, they would get married and celebrate with their loved ones.

After waiting it out, and help from an awesome vendor team, the ceremony still took place outside right before the most amazing Colorado sunset ever.

Part of what I love about wedding days is watching them unfold. Watching vendor teams hustle to make it perfect, watching the emotion that arises in a bride or groom, and seeing the months of planning unfold. But what I love most is watching the unexpected imperfections the day brings and how minor they become…because at the end of it all is a bride and groom who just want to be married and say “I do.”

Lizzie and Drew - congrats to you both! It was humbling and chilling to be a part of this day and to watch as two amazing people said, “I do" in the most perfect way.

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