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My Story


I'm a wedding photographer based in Georgia + South Carolina capturing people + their stories.

I love Jesus, ice cream, lake days, movie soundtracks, wine, girls nights, dancing, and my sweet fiance, Christopher. 

I am a self taught photographer inspired by the nature around us and the in between moments that make life a little sweeter.

I picked up my first $300 camera during college for no other reason than to help document the moments going on in my life. I had no intention of making a business out of it. However, that little hobby slowly grew into a major passion and I am now lucky to call it my job.

Capturing special moments for others and documenting a feeling you can be reminded of for decades to come is what is at the root of my business. Whether that is capturing the love on a wedding day, a family’s laughter, or the visual brand of another entrepreneur or business.

Not every photographer will be the perfect fit for you - it's okay if I'm not! But if we sound like the perfect fit LETS DO THIS!


Are we the right fit?


I'm an Atlanta based wedding photographer but always ready to pack my bags for travel.

I thrive with those passionately in love and not afraid to show it.

I am not here to simply be a transaction and a vendor. I am here for so much more than that! I'm here for you and your story. Your unique, perfectly imperfect story. The laughs, love, tears, booty grabs, unplanned moments, dance moves, and more. 

If you are here, you are probably looking to hire a photographer to capture something special to you. Something that is worth holding onto forever. Don't compromise these moments. My goal in documenting your story is simple: capture what's real & true to you + capture the feeling you are looking to never let go of. 

I want us to create an experience, not just a "session." So, if you are looking for a photographer to simply just get some “cute” shots of you both smiling at the camera then I am probably not the one for you. And that is okay!

However, if we sound like a match made in heaven then HECK YA!! I promise to be a fun professional third wheel ;) Not just the vendor you hired. I promise to be your friend to ensure you feel celebrated and taken care of. I promise to look through my camera with the lens of your story and not just an image. All I ask of you is to be you - the real you.